Haldane’s Take, December 2023

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An established international and in-house cartoonist

“Year End”

December 29th


December 28th

“Election Day”

December 27th

“Boxing Day”

December 26th

“Holiday Getaway”

December 25th

“Christmas Eve”

December 24th

“Gift Shop”

December 23rd

“Happy New Year”

December 22nd

“Holiday Ham”

December 21st

“Not Your Average Hunter”
December 20th

“Brace Yourselves”

December 19th

“Managing Appearances”

December 18th

“Poultry Thoughts”
December 15th


December 14th

“Chocolate Confrontation”

December 13th

“Following Stars”

December 12th

“Winter Wonders”

December 11th


December 8th

“Home for the Holidays”

December 7th


December 6th

“The Doctor Resurges”

December 5th

“Online Dating”

December 4th

“No More Christmas Spirit”

December 1st