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We are always on the lookout for new voices and diverse perspectives, especially those from seldom-heard places and industries. We also encourage the next generation of thought leaders through our Young Voices initiative. 

Our content is
  • Exclusive If it is published anywhere else, we cannot accept it. (This includes recycling/revamping your own previous content.)
  • Evergreen Will this article remain as interesting and insightful a year from now? We are not in the business of printing interview-style feature pieces or topical issues immediately connected to the 24-hour news cycle—we’re more invested in the ideas, lessons and philosophy that empower people to do great things. 
  • Unique We aim to present something new, offering a fresh analysis, a change of perspective, or an original insight—an eyebrow raiser, if you will—to make people stop and ponder another perspective.


Pitch Guidelines

To assist our editors in evaluating your idea, please:

  • Set your subject line to “New pitch: (industry/topic)”
  • In your email, be sure to include:
    • A proposed headline that will compel readers to click, including any SEO key phrases if you know what you are targeting.
    • A summary, no more than 300 words, of your idea—including any revealing data, and potential sources.
  • If you are submitting multiple pitches in one email, please number them for easier communication. 
  • We can only accept exclusive pitches, so please confirm you have not sent your ideas elsewhere. 

We will respond to your pitch, but please understand that we will ultimately publish only the very best ideas.

Our editorial team will discuss and shape winning ideas with you, edit your piece, and produce your content (adding photos and illustrations) for launch.

Please reach out to with any questions.


Submissions from PR agencies:

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