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Cement your credibility as an industry expert in just 20 minutes every two weeks.

Looking for a career boost, more sales, more connections, and better relationships—without the self-promotion? 

You don’t have the time to work on your own PR, and your social media feed is full of ego-driven attention-seeking puffery.

That’s where we come in.

From ghostwritten columns to podcasts, we have you covered, so that you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of raising your profile.

Exclusive Benefits


Where you’re published matters
If you’re on the wrong platform, no amount of flashy social media posts or increased intensity will elevate your status.

PR should move the needle
It should generate real ROI. We promote your articles so you don’t have to, giving you maximum visibility without the “ick” factor.


We know you’re busy
Putting in additional hours every week on your own PR doesn’t feel worth it. That’s why we’ve tailored this package around you.

No homework guarantee
We only need 20 minutes of your time once every two weeks. Our editors and producers will bring ideas for you to consider, so there’s no preparation necessary.


Getting on the radar
We work with you to identify your target audience and harness social media algorithms to push your content to them. 

Benefit from an SEO boost
Our website ranks highly, so your content will likely appear on the first page of Google, not just for your name, but within your industry too.

A Profile that Works

An all-in-one hub for your professional presence that elevates your reputation. 

Build credibility: Share your insights and thoughts through evergreen articles and podcasts on a reputable platform.

Amplify your search results: Creating more posts solely on LinkedIn won’t work—your content with us builds on and diversifies your online presence.

A Plan with Long-Term Results

Our content strategy aims to build a relationship with your audience, with a narrative arc to guide them through your insights.

Each month you get:

Two ghostwritten articles

One episode of your own podcast

Regular check-ins with our writers and producers allow them to get to know you, understand your style, and sprinkle in real-life anecdotes for the “special sauce” that marks good content.

Even if your subject idea is particularly technical or complex, it’s our job to take the reins and create an engaging product that resonates with your audience. 

You own the copyright for your content, as well as your subscriber database, and can take them away at any time.

Defining Your Goals

We collaborate on what success looks like to you—whatever the ultimate destination. 

If it’s a career move you’re aiming for, we ensure content gets on the radar of recruiters and senior leaders. If you’re a business owner, we will promote your content to potential investors and clients.

No matter the “why,” we cater our efforts to what you want to achieve.

And our one-click opt-in feature will instantly notify them whenever there is new content.

Grow Your Network

Be one of very exclusive contributors showcased heavily on the New Thinking website, enabling you to enhance your online profile and presence.

Our dedicated editorial team will assist you with each piece of content produced whilst giving you creative freedom to be a leading voice within your industry.

Building Momentum

Anyone can write a blog or record a few podcast episodes, but consistency is key. 

When you start a thought leadership journey with us, we’ll help you see it through. And if you aren’t feeling inspired, our client success team brings ideas to the table.

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