Digital Disruption and the Myth of Mainstream Media

Jan 4, 2024

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Eric Schurenberg

Award-winning journalist and former CEO of Inc. and Fast Company

In talking about the news today, it’s tempting to focus on the bad actors, the amplifiers of nonsense and the peddlers of outrage. It’s worth remembering, though, they’re not the only players. There are journalists who adhere to standards and have managed to thrive despite the seismic disruption of the industry. Today’s guest is one of those.

Alan Murray, the CEO of Fortune media, was a long-time Washington columnist for the Wall Street Journal before becoming editor and eventually CEO of Fortune, one of the most storied brands in business journalism. But Fortune, too, has had its share of disruption. Its former corporate owner, Time Inc., once one of the world’s richest media companies, collapsed under the weight of digital competition; Fortune is now owned by a foreign billionaire, and its success in recent years has hinged on multiple lines of business, like events, not on old-fashioned reporting and writing.

Alan and Eric discuss the economic changes that bedevil the news industry and what they mean to society; we talk about media bias and the myth of the mainstream media; the critical need for news literacy; and democracy’s enduring reliance on quality journalism.

In this episode we discuss:

Early Start in Journalism

Challenges in the Media Industry

Changes in Media Consumption

Impact of Media on Society

The Myth of Mainstream Media

Media Bias and Business Reporting

The Role of Media Literacy

Regulation and Media Responsibility

Social Media and Journalistic Standards

Future Plans and the Need for Quality Journalism

The Importance of Business Reporting

Stepping Down as CEO and Future Endeavors

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