Angelos Frangopoulos

CEO, GB News

Sep 16, 2022

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Paul Blanchard

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Lessons learnt from a turbulent launch, facing down attempts to cancel the channel – with a renewed focus on growth

Angelos Frangopoulos is CEO of GB News.

The channel marked one of the most controversial media launches in recent memory when last year it became Britain’s first new rolling TV news broadcaster in over three decades. Angelos reflects on the “teaching moments” from those rocky first few months, and how he wants to build on the new-found stability to grow the channel’s audience. He faces down those who sought to ‘cancel’ the channel before it was even launched by organising an advertising boycott, and shares with pride the evidence that those attempts failed – including the creation of 200 new journalist jobs. He also sets out plans to make GB News “distinctive” including “serving all communities across the UK”, unlike the other “London-centric” broadcasters.

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