John Micklethwait

Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg

Oct 21, 2021

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Paul Blanchard

Media consigliere for global CEOs, entrepreneur, broadcaster and author

How the pandemic exposed the “weakness of the West”

John Micklethwait is editor-in-chief of Bloomberg. Responsible for its editorial content across all global platforms, he leads its news, television and research services – with 2,700 staff in 120 countries. Beginning his career as a banker at Chase Manhattan in London, he switched to journalism in 1987, joining The Economist as financial correspondent, ultimately becoming editor-in-chief in 2006, and joined Bloomberg nine years later.

In this in-depth interview, John shares why he sees audio content as integral to their future growth, following the success of their recent podcasts; discusses how they use “restless energy” to compete against digital-only startups for scoops and stories; and sets out his prediction on how the global economy will recover from Covid-19 – and why the pandemic has “exposed the weakness of the West.”