Zach Seward

Co-founder & CEO, Quartz

Nov 4, 2021

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Paul Blanchard

Media consigliere for global CEOs, entrepreneur, broadcaster and author

A mission to “make business better” and “solve real problems without creating new ones”

Zach Seward is co-founder and chief executive of Quartz. Founded in 2012, and now boasting a readership of over 10 million, its mission is to “make business better” and “solve real problems without creating new ones.” Previously at The Wall Street Journal, he reported on education and health and was the paper’s first-ever social media editor.

In this in-depth interview, Zach reflects on the “emotional rollercoaster” of the pandemic – with the pain of restructuring and layoffs now eased with a return to growth across people, profitability and subscriptions; welcomes the “fresh energy” that returning to ownership and its renewed independence has brought; and shares his view on the future of the economy as it recovers from the pandemic.

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