Danya Perry – Founding Member of Perry Law PLLC

Jul 20, 2023

New Thinking No Holding Back podcast

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danya perry

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Susan Estrich

Lawyer, professor, author & political commentator

Danya Perry is a Founding Member of Perry Law PLLC. She most recently worked as deputy general counsel and chief of litigation at MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated. Previously, Danya served as deputy attorney general for the state of New York and chief of investigations for the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption. In this episode Susan and Danya discuss the deformation case between E. Jean Carroll and Donald Trump and ask the question wether anything has changed in our society?  They also analyse the case of Leon Black, a philanthropist and financier of first rank, that had been a victim of lurid allegations, Susan and Danya discuss those claims that ultimately were a total fabrication.

In this episode we discuss:
  • E. Jean Carroll vs Donald Trump
  • Has society changed in the last 3o years?
  • Would the same cases today be tried back then?
  • The case of Leon Black

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