Andrew Loog Oldham: The Man Behind the Rolling Stones

Feb 24, 2023

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Andrew Loog Oldham

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Dr. Charlie Easmon

Doctor, TEDx Speaker, Medical Director & Founder of Global Health Action Strategies & Solutions

"The Stones were white boys who liked Black music… they sold it back to America."

In part 1 of this two-part special, Charlie is joined by record producer, talent manager, and the former manager of the Rolling Stones, Andrew Loog Oldham. 

He takes us deep into the intricacies of alcohol and drug addiction while weaving in anecdotes about the biggest names in music he encountered in his extraordinary early life. They discuss boarding school, hanging coats at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club, knowing the Beatles, and managing the Rolling Stones at only 19 years old. No stone is left unturned, which is why there’ll be a part 2!

In this episode we discuss:
  • Overcoming his drug addiction
  • Ronnie Scott’s jazz club
  • Knowing The Beatles
  • Managing The Rolling Stones

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