Leroy Logan MBE: Fighting Racism from the Inside

Dec 22, 2022

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Leroy Logan

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Dr. Charlie Easmon

Doctor, TEDx Speaker, Medical Director & Founder of Global Health Action Strategies & Solutions

“It's important that we understand that our vulnerabilities can be one of our strengths”

In the debut episode of ‘Not Your Usual Doctor’, Dr. Charlie Easmon is joined by former police superintendent and author, Leroy Logan MBE.

Leroy Logan began his career as a research scientist and left to join the Metropolitan Police where he battled against racism and discrimination, leading him to becoming a founding member and chairman of the ‘National Black Police Association’.

It is a fascinating insight into a wonderful career including talking about Leroy’s book; ‘Closing Ranks, My Life as a Cop’. Part of the book was adapted into the 2020 movie ‘Red, White and Blue’ where British actor John Boyega portrayed Leroy in the film.

In this episode we discuss:
  • How Leroy founded the ‘National Black Police Association
  • Dealing with discrimination in the force
  • Becoming an author
  • John Boyega playing him in a movie