Lyrical Headshots 3: Songs that Explain Addiction

May 23, 2023

New Thinking Not Your Usual Doctor podcast

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Dr. Charlie Easmon

Doctor, TEDx Speaker, Medical Director & Founder of Global Health Action Strategies & Solutions

"Think of addiction starting like mould building in one corner of the canvas, and then by the end of a certain period of time the mould has covered the whole canvas."

This “Lyrical Headshots” series delves into popular song lyrics that explore mental health, and this week’s focus is on addiction. We are sitting on an untouched goldmine of literature written on the subject which hasn’t been discussed enough, and Not Your Usual Doctor, Dr. Charlie Easmon, is here to change that. 

In this episode, Charlie recites and reflects on three songs that focus on the issue of addiction. He explores the foundations of addiction and how it starts small and then slowly takes over your life. With lyrics from Lou Reed, he explores the subservience that an addict has to their dealer.

‘Mr. Brownstone’ by Guns N’ Roses offers a final explanation of the danger among addicts, especially heroin addicts, of ‘chasing the dragon’. 

We’d love to hear how the episode made you think about the issue of addiction and any song suggestions for future episodes!

In this episode we discuss:
  • Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash
  • Explaining how addiction works and how it takes over lives
  • The dangers of the criminal world
  • Being in the right mental state to kick your addiction
  • The tragedy of ‘chasing the dragon’
  • What we can do to help heroin addicts today

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