Football Regulation and the Stark Reality of Owning a Football Club

May 18, 2023

New Thinking Wright on the Nail podcast

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Football Regulation

Your host:

Chris Wright

Founder of Chrysalis Records, media and sports entrepreneur, campaigner

"You can't trust the football authorities to regulate themselves"

In this week’s ‘Deep Dive’ episode, host Chris Wright is joined by former Football Editor for The Times, Tony Evans, former Southampton FC Chairman, Rupert Lowe, Chief Football Writer for The Mail on Sunday, Rob Draper, and Sports business management professional and Director of Bury AFC, Darren Bernstein.

The discussion starts with an exploration of what caused this push for regulating English football. This group of top football journalists and former club owners, including former QPR owner Chris Wright CBE, uncover the dark secrets behind the scene of the astronomical transfer fees and the Super League fiascos. How would a regulator fix the poor management of football, which led to clubs like Bury FC going bust?

The panel discusses the dangerous reality of being a football club owner and the importance of clubs as cultural community assets. They identify the problems, offer solutions, and argue whether the government is going too far.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Regulating english football
  • Should the government be involved more in the game?
  • The dark secrets of a transfer
  • Super League fiasco
  • Reality of being a football club owner

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