Suella’s Speeding, Record Immigration, and the Boris Saga

May 26, 2023

New Thinking Wright on the Nail podcast

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Suella Braverman

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Chris Wright

Founder of Chrysalis Records, media and sports entrepreneur, campaigner

“It is clear that we have extreme shortages of NHS nurses and agricultural workers, but I don’t think the government has worked out who it is we need to come here to help our economy grow.”

On this week’s News Roundtable episode, Chris Wright is joined by journalist, Writer, and Broadcaster, Christina Patterson, political Commentator, Lee Harris, and news presenter, Rosie Wright.

The conversation starts with the panel discussing Suella Braverman’s recent speech at the National Conservatism conference. They debate whether she was undermining Rishi Sunak and making a bid for leadership. Together, they look at the current landscape of the Conservative Party – how could they win over the public when the party is so clearly divided? Do they need to refind their political identity? The panel discusses the net migration figures, which are at a record high, and debates whether the post-Brexit points system is working as the country has wide shortages in the workforce. New sky-high immigration figures suggest that Brexit’s motive to reduce net immigration has been undermined. How much is that due to global forces, and how much is it a Brexit betrayal by the government?

They discuss the new revelations on visits to Chequers during Boris Johnson’s premiership and the covid-19 lockdowns. Whilst ethical procedure must be followed to fully investigate the former government’s conduct, will any new findings change anyone’s view of Boris Johnson?

In this episode we discuss:
  • Suella Braverman speeding and National Conservatism conference speech
  • The panel discuss the state of the economy as the paramount factor in electoral politics – can the Conservatives turn it around?  
  • The ‘Australian style’ points-based immigration system
  • Brexit and sky-high immigration 
  • The new chapter of lockdown investigations into Boris Johnson

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