The Dire State of the UK and the World

Sep 15, 2023

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Chris Wright

Founder of Chrysalis Records, media and sports entrepreneur, campaigner

Just because Kim Jong Un runs an extremely disgusting dictatorship doesn't mean you don't have to deal with him if you are trying to achieve peace.

In this week’s News Roundtable episode, Chris Wright is joined by GBNews broadcaster and columnist Emily Carver, former Corbyn advisor and co-founder of Momentum James Schneider, and writer and broadcaster Christina Patterson.

The panel kick-off by discussing the record of the current and previous governments on their spending priorities. Whilst public spending is high, it is not going to the right places as we see schools physically crumbling and NHS waiting lists in England at the record high of 7.68 million people. Is Keir Starmer laying out an alternative approach that will make a positive difference to this deterioration?

The conversation progresses to the issue of competence in government whilst ministers are rotated like rolling substitutes in a football team. They discuss the systemic conditions like the toxic media landscape that creates a situation where we have a relatively incompetent bunch of politicians who cannot stay in their jobs long enough to make any meaningful progress in their ministerial departments.

Chris then turns the talk to international politics with the issue of Joe Biden’s age, and then the new developments in Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin’s relationship and what all this means for the world.


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This episode was produced by Tom Platts

In this episode we discuss:
  • Government spending
  • NHS waiting lists record high.
  • What is Keir Starmer proposing to change?
  • Competence in government
  • Joe Biden
  • Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin

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