The Tories vs Reform: The Fight for the Right

Jun 6, 2024

New Thinking Wright on the Nail podcast

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Chris Wright

Founder of Chrysalis Records, media and sports entrepreneur, campaigner

In this week’s special debate episode, Chris is joined by the Conservative MP for Shipley since 2005, who is currently standing for re-election, Sir Philip Davies, Reform UK parliamentary candidate for Great Yarmouth, Rupert Lowe, conservative and Brexit supporting political commentator, Lee Harris.

The fight for conservatism, or rather the fight for the right? All three guests hold similar views on immigration, the role of the state, sovereignty, individual freedoms, Brexit… to mention just a few. However, Sir Philip and Rupert are standing to be MPs from two different parties, and Lee, who is historically a diehard Conservative, is now debating which man’s party to vote for on the 4th July.

Does voting Reform make it more likely that Labour will win? What will come of Nigel Farage’s reentry into politics? Does the Tory party need to be broken before it can be fixed? How conservative really is Britain?

We hope you find this episode interesting, where leading voices from the right-wing of British politics come together, acknowledging what they agree on, and fascinatingly, disagreeing on many things too…

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In this episode we discuss:
  • Conservatism
  • The future of the Tory Party
  • Nigel Farage
  • Reform UK
  • The UK general election

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