Trump, Global Populism, the Migrant Crisis, and the Media

Aug 18, 2023

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Trump, Global Populism, the Migrant Crisis, and the Media

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Chris Wright

Founder of Chrysalis Records, media and sports entrepreneur, campaigner

"Ofcom has been asleep at the wheel and the relationship between politics and the media is deeply unhealthy."

In this episode, Chris Wright is joined by political commentator Marina Purkiss, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration at the National University of Ireland Maynooth John O’Brennan, and political commentator Lee Harris.

The conversation kicks off with Donald Trump’s Monday night indictment in which he was charged with conspiring to overturn the 2020 US election result. This opens up a wider discussion on the spread of populism worldwide, including in the UK with the antics of Boris Johnson and the ever-right-leaning Conservative Party.

Chris then asks the panel about immigration. Lee Harris defends the government whilst Marina and John offer alternative solutions to this critical global issue. They discuss the causes of immigration to northern Europe and the harsh reality of being a migrant fleeing a country and trying to cross the highly dangerous English Channel.

A topic throughout the conversation is the role of the right-wing press that make up the majority of the UK’s most powerful media outlets, and Chris focuses the discussion on the fact that super-rich foreigners like Rupert Murdoch own these outlets and influence their news agendas with almost no regulation. Is this right?

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In this episode we discuss:

– Donald Trump’s Georgia Indictment

– Global political populism in the UK

– Solving the migrant crisis

– Should major British media outlets be owned by wealthy foreigners?

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