US Conspiracy Theories, Polarisation, and the Trump Factor: Can He Win Again?

Feb 9, 2024

New Thinking Wright on the Nail podcast

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Taylor Swift accused of conspiring to fix the US election

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Chris Wright

Founder of Chrysalis Records, media and sports entrepreneur, campaigner

In this week’s News Roundtable episode, Chris Wright is joined by the founder of the Alliance for Trust in Media, Editor-in-chief of Amplify Publishing Group, and former CEO of Inc. and Fast Company, Eric Schurenberg, the first woman to run a US presidential campaign, the youngest woman to have tenured at the Harvard Law School, and prominent US political commentator, Susan Estrich, and journalist, US and UK political commentator, and regular Wright on the Nail contributor, Edward Hardy.


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In this episode we discuss:
  • The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Super Bowl conspiracy theory 
  • People still believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump
  • Republicanism and conspiracy theories 
  • The macro causes of the frightening polarisation in the US and the world
  • Trump’s unique ability in communication
  • The QAnon conspiracy and ‘Pizzagate’ accusing individuals including Obama, the Clintons and the Pope of running a secret paedophile ring. 
  • Elon Musk’s troubling control of the X ‘microphone’
  • Trump’s toxification of the political debate
  • Will the problem go if and when Trump goes?
  • Is the general population tired of Trump’s politics? Can he Win?
  • The October ‘Event’
  • What do people really think of Joe Biden?

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