Nailed it! Why the Labour Left Bloc Progressives Must Go Solo

Aug 25, 2023

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Chris Wright

Founder of Chrysalis Records, media and sports entrepreneur, campaigner

“I would actually call it intergenerational theft because we are paying way more tax than the previous generation were.”

In this ‘Nailed It!’ episode we look back on two episodes in which, it’s fair to say, Chris and his guests touched on more revolutionary political theories than they usually do. In Lockdown Regret, Starmer’s Betrayal – is socialism dead? (March 2023) Nima Tavallaey Roodsari explains that the current Labour Party is really a liberal party, calling for the formation of a truly socialist party. He had a particular leader in mind

Panellists Nima, David Osland, and Reem Ibrahim discuss whether Keir Starmer was right to kick Jeremy Corbyn out of the Labour Party. Is a broad church of liberals and socialists in the Labour Party a functional marriage? They discuss the rising age of retirement and dispute the amount of tax workers pay towards pensions compared to the rest of Europe. Is our system socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor?

The final excerpt is taken from Chris’s conversation with James Schneider, How the Left Can Win by 2030, and Why They Must.

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Our Bloc: How We Win by James Schnieder


‘I Hit The Nail Right On The Head’ by Billy Bremner.

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In this episode we discuss:
  • Was Starmer right to expel Corbyn from the Labour Party?
  • Do socialists need to form their own party?
  • How the left can win by 2030, and why they must

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