Brace for Targeted Anti-Hindu Attacks as Congressional Primaries Approach

The rise of Hinduphobia in political arenas and the fight for representation.

Published: Jul 26, 2023  |  

Hindu American, minority rights advocate


The rise of hate speech and targeted harassment against individuals based on their religious and political affiliations has become a pressing concern. Pieter Friedrich, a controversial figure well known for his anti-Hindu views, has gained attention for harassing Hindu American candidates and leaders from Democratic and Republican parties, including several attendees of the historic Biden-Modi summit.

As congressional primaries approach, American Hindus are bracing themselves for targeted attacks by Friedrich and his accomplices. This article delves into Friedrich’s background, his association with various organizations, his journey from a homophobe white supremacist to a Hindu hater, and his specific targeting of Mahatma Gandhi and those who admire the late leader.

Among the political candidates and leaders who have been attacked on the record by Friedrich and his associates—from Organizations for Minorities of India (OFMI), Hindus for Human Rights (H4HR), Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), and Equality Labs—are Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat), Sri Preston Kulkarni (Democrat), Amit Jani (Democrat), Sonal Shah (Democrat), Padma Kuppa (Democrat), Raja Krishnamoorthi (Democrat), Atul Keshap (Diplomat), Nisha Sharma (Republican), Ritesh Tandon (Republican), Shalabh Kumar (Republican), Vivek Ramaswamy (Republican), Niraj Antani (Republican), and Jenifer Rajkumar (Democrat). 

What do they have in common? They’ve all expressed pride in being Hindu, which makes them clear targets for Friedrich and his accomplices. 

Friedrich recently made headlines for his harassment of Hindu American candidates and leaders. 

Last June, Friedrich waged renewed religious attacks against Rep. Krishnamoorthi while he was the keynote speaker at a protest held outside Krishnamoorthi’s district office in Schaumburg, Illinois. According to media reports, Friedrich “repeatedly used social media to create a false link between Krishnamoorthi and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, an Indian Hindu nationalist paramilitary organization.” Demonstrators at the protest could reportedly be heard on video chanting, “Krishnamoorthi murdabad,” which translates in Urdu to “down with” or “death to.”

In response, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, a Democrat, said he was “deeply disturbed” by the “violent, extremist, and racist language” Friedrich used towards Krishnamoorthi.

In May, Friedrich attacked Maryland’s Hindu-born Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller, falsely attempting to connect her with Hindu political grounds, claiming she’d “even flown out of state to chase down donations from HSS leaders (a non-profit, social, educational, and cultural organization of the Hindus living outside India) after they helped put the RSS-BJP (an Indian right-wing paramilitary organization) in power.”

Having transitioned from being a homophobe, white supremacist, Friedrich’s journey into Hinduphobia began with his association with Bhajan Singh Bhinder, a Pakistan-supported Khalistani cultist. He also has connections with Khalistani networks, and the influencers working alongside him.

To better understand Friedrich’s path to toxic hate, we will examine the trajectory of his activism. 

Born on October 18, 1985, Friedrich initially engaged in social movements in America. Coming from a devout Christian family, he took an active role as a Christian Missionary activist. However, in 2007, he made a sudden shift in his career and associated himself with the Organization for Indian Minorities (OFMI), a group founded by Bhajan Singh Bhinder, who was residing in America.

One of Friedrich’s notable acts was the vandalization of Gandhi statues in California and Washington, D.C. These acts were reportedly orchestrated by OFMI. Friedrich, promoted as an “expert” on South Asia, wrote books against Gandhi and published them under Bhinder’s publishing house, Sovereign Star Publishing. These actions were part of a broader effort by Friedrich and OFMI to undermine India’s image globally.

OFMI, registered by Friedrich in 2007, operated alongside Bhajan Singh Bhinder, and is listed as a terrorist by the Indian government. OFMI and its associated entities, including a transport company and a book publishing house, became the focal point for defacing Gandhi statues and spreading alternative narratives against India. Friedrich used multiple aliases, such as Patrick J. Nevers, Singh of Judah, Pieter Singh, and Peter Flanigan, to push anti-India agendas and target India’s soft power elements like yoga, chai, and Gandhi’s legacy. Friedrich’s network also includes individuals like Huma Dar, a Pakistani American academic who is known for her public support for banned Islamist group Hizbul Mujahideen.

As American Hindus prepare for the upcoming congressional primaries, they must steel themselves against the targeted anti-Hindu attacks orchestrated by Friedrich and his allies. Utilizing social media campaigns, protests, and defamation tactics, Friedrich aims to undermine their credibility and tarnish their public image.

As the battle for representation ensues, American Hindus stand resolute, prepared to confront and overcome these targeted attacks on their faith and identity.

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