Allen is the founder of NxtGen Nexus, a local / global community that supports, educates, and engages the next generation family business members, or NxtGens. He vividly recalls “The Moment” he made the decision not to enter the family business many years ago—that moment is the thing that NxtGens cares about. The plan is to start an entire campaign based around it.



We asked Allen Esrock a series of questions to get to know him better—here’s what he shared:



🍽 What person living or dead would you invite to your dream dinner party? 


Bill Tilden–the 1920s was considered The Golden Age of Sports and Bill Tilden dominated the world of tennis.  He lived an extravagant lifestyle and was as big of star as Babe Ruth or Jack Dempsey, but was ultimately rejected by the sport.



🇿🇦 Where is the best destination you’ve been?


Driving the 300-kilometer Garden Route between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, South Africa.  The route meanders along the Indian Ocean and features jagged cliffs and sprawling coastal vistas.  There are wonderful activities and fantastic stops, including the towns of Knysna, Oudtshoorn, Agulhas, and Hermanus.



📚 Which books do you recommend to others? 


“The Women in White” and “The Moonstone”, two Victorian era mystery novels written by Wilkie Collins and established many of the ground rules of the modern genre.  


Also, “A Tale of Two Cities” because it was “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” and a good introduction to Charles Dickens.



❤️ Three self-care practices I have adopted to treat myself well are:


The first thing I do in the morning is have a glass of water.  Within the next 30-minutes, I have three more glasses.  My morning breakfast consists of energy balls which include flax seed, protein power, peanut butter, and honey.  Four times a week I run up stairs to strengthen my knees.  This allows me to play tennis three times a week despite multiple knee surgeries.

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