Angela is a spiritually gifted healer whose passion is helping others on their journey to healing and wellness. She is a licensed massage therapist specializing in medical massage, a certified manual lymph drainage therapist, a certified hypnotist, a certified life coach, and health and wellness coach. Angela understands physiology and disease within the body and uses all these skills to provide holistic healing. With additional certifications in acupressure, craniosacral fascial therapy, fertility massage, EFT/tapping, energy work, nutrition counseling, social work, and life and coping skills, Angela utilizes her skills to work with clients all over the world to support their healing journey. She is a partner at Wholistic Wellness Associates, LLC, in northern New Jersey, and is expanding with a second brick and mortar location outside Atlanta, Georgia.


Angela works with clients globally to support their healing journey by helping them set goals and discovering new heights to aspire to along the way. Her core belief is that the body must be addressed as a whole, and all aspects of health—physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic—must be addressed (and healed) to achieve balance and peace. She is blessed to meet and connect with clients all over the world virtually to be a part of their healing journey. 


Angela often can be found with her faithful dog by her side (even in the office!) and when not working is usually DIY-ing and beautifying her home, one project at a time, or grounding herself in nature.

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