Antonella, is a student from Surrey. She is currently studying at the University of Cambridge for a bachelor’s degree in Modern and Medieval Languages, specializing in German and Spanish. To supplement her studies, she works as a tutor teaching English, Science and Mathematics. Her interests include languages, popular culture, feminism and literature, with an eye to becoming a journalist someday.


Want to know more? Antonella Gemmoni shared some more interesting details about herself:


🍽  My dream dinner party guests are actually my grandparents! They always have so many stories, so much wisdom and advice, so they make the best conversational partners.


🎶 My theme song would have to be 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton—but make it more like 7-7 because I’m always buried under a pile of work😂


🏝  3 things I would take to a desert island would be: Earl Grey tea bags, my bed (can’t live without it) and a pet! I’d go stir crazy with no one to talk to, so I’d need a pet for company!


🩺  If I’d chosen another path, I would definitely be in medicine now. I always loved biology and chemistry and really wanted to be a doctor. Too squeamish though!


❤️ 3 self-care practices I always maintain and recommend to others: 


Go outside every day! It’s easy to end up spending your entire day behind your laptop.

Treat yourself/do something that brings you joy every day.


Call your parents often! That one’s a win-win; they miss you and you get to talk to them too!

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