Jacqueline is a senior in New York City. Living part time in Long Island, surrounded by agriculturally-purposed land, she is passionate and curious about sustainable food systems and emerging technologies in farming. She has worked in farms and volunteers at community gardens.


In 2022, Jacqueline worked with the head of NYU’s Dept. of Environmental Studies, Dr. Christopher Schlottmann, to research the environmental impacts of various farming methods in order to analyze local farming’s impact and access to these systems. Following her research, Jacqueline authored a research paper based on her interviews with local farmers in Long Island exploring the relationship between a farmer’s limited finances and their responsibility and desire to protect the environment. She is also the policy chair for a young-adult run organization called Teens for Trees, which aims to raise awareness about the effect that New York City’s trees have on our climate, population health, and social systems. 


Outside of her interest in agriculture, Jacqueline is an avid science writer and editor for her school’s STEM newspaper Polaris as well as a competitive squash player, competing nationally and internationally.

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