Kiyomi is the Chief Editor of the personal lifestyle blog, KiwiKissed. She has a deep interest in wellness and personal development. Her journal, ‘A Look Within’ was created to help others with their journey of self discovery.


To get to know her better, we asked Kiyomi Payne a few quirky questions:


🐅 What is your spirit animal? 


A Tiger, because I feel I have a cat-like personality. Tigers are beautiful and protective. I love that they can be relaxed and playful, but also fierce. I’m a person who is very laid back, but also show boldness at times. 


🥝 What is your theme song? 


Kiwi by Harry Styles. Firstly, because my nickname is Kiwi, but also because it’s a fun pop rock song.


🇨🇦 Where is the best destination you’ve been to? 


Niagara Falls in Canada. It was the first country I ever travelled to—I went with a group of friends on a bus trip from New York. The whole experience was so fun and memorable. We went out midday to explore and I remember the people being so nice. Then we got to also see Niagara Falls at night with a firework show. It was beautiful!


🧞‍♂️ If you had one wish to improve the world, what would you change? 


I think the world would have more peace if we had more empathy for one another. It would help people to be more understanding and want to work towards the greater good in society. We would be a lot more united if we showed more empathy to one another.


📚 Which books do you recommend to others? 


I’m a huge fan of Sci-Fi books. 


The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde is a beautifully twisted story that plays on a man’s moral dilemma.


Brave New World by Aldous Huxley sheds light on how a utopian society would become a broken system.


The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy is an eye-opening book about the power we all possess to change our realities. 

My last favorite is Mankind’s Search For God, it talks about the origins of major religions in the world and had a major impact on my spirituality.

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