Marcin is a teacher, businessman and former diplomat. He CEO and founder of Harekat Consulting. He graduated from the Institute of the Middle and Far East in the Faculty of International and Political Studies at Jagiellonian University and the Institute of Arabic Language at the University of Damascus.


Between 2008 and 2011 he was Head of the Political Section and Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Poland in Kabul. He was also a lecturer of foreign languages at the University of Tehran. Since 2018, he has been lecturer of International Security and Development Studies at Jagiellonian University. He is also a member of The Polish Geopolitical Society. 


His interests are focused on matters of security, warfare, inter-and subnational conflicts, economy and social change in the Middle East, particularly Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Using an interdisciplinary approach, he connects academic knowledge with practical experience.

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