Marcus is the founder and creative director of TheChicGeek style blog. A fashion and trends expert with over 20 years’ experience, he has authored and published two style books—The Chic Geek's: Fashion, Grooming and Style Guide for Men: Fashion and Style Advice for Men (2011) and Fashion Wankers: It Takes One to Know One (2019)—and is contributing editor to

We asked Marcus Jaye to reveal some interesting things about himself—here’s what he wanted you to know:


🍽 What person living or dead would I invite to my dream dinner party? The Regency King George IV. He seemed crazy and flamboyant, left us with some of the finest architecture—the Brighton Pavilion was his summer house—but you never get a feeling of the real him, so it would be great to make up my own mind.


☀️ The best destination I’ve been and can repeat forever, would have to be somewhere in the UK, when the sun is shining. Nothing beats it and it always feels like a bonus. Maybe Cornwall, Watergate Bay, or I recently went to Leckford in Hampshire… to see the trout swimming in the clear chalk stream was magic.


🦸🏻‍♂️ If I were a superhero, I would be… Eternal Summer Man! (OK, so maybe it isn’t the catchiest.)


My superpower would be to slow down the spring and summer, so you could enjoy every second, and speed up the winter. You can’t have the former without the latter, but in the UK it drags on. 


🧞‍♂️ If I had one wish to improve the world, it would be to make housing more affordable, and fast forward to an autonomous future where everybody can have a great standard of living without actually needing so much money.


🪴 If I had chosen another path in life, the right now I’d be designing gardens—little patches of heaven on earth.

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