Originally from the UK, Sandro is a multi-award winning journalist who can often be seen offering opinions on CNN and the BBC as a media expert. He has also written two bestselling books and the hit play Marilyn and Sinatra. Sandro is based in Los Angeles.

We asked Sandro Monetti to share a little more about himself—here’s what he had to say:


🥊 My ultimate theme song would be The Measure of a Man, the end credits song from Rocky V. Rocky Balboa is the greatest movie character of all time and this is the most inspirational tune from the whole franchise. It’s also the most underrated song Elton John ever recorded. It’s the song I put on whenever I’ve faced challenges, and believe me, I’ve faced more than my fair share. The lyrics put a lump in my throat and determination in my mind: 


“It’s the fire in the eyes, the lines on the hand, it’s the things you understand. Permanent ties from which you once ran. That’s the measure of a man.”


♨️ I’m certainly an advocate for self-care, and my top 3 are as follows:

Frequent visits to a Native American “miracle pool” outside Palm Springs, which is a couple of hours away from my home in Los Angeles. I suffer from back problems, but one dip in the magical waters of the natural hot springs there and I’m good for the next few weeks. 


Once a month, I make sure to play tourist by taking a relaxing day trip to somewhere fun and wacky I’ve never been before—recent destinations have included an old Wild West town and the site of the first McDonald’s restaurant, which is now a museum. 


Lastly, I believe that being a mentor to others supercharges your own soul, so I’m always volunteering to teach and speak on topics that help young people to find their confidence and life path.


🏝 Now, if I were to be stranded on a desert island, the first thing I would take would be a tent, because I’d be useless at building a shelter. As hunting my own food would also be a non-starter, I’d next have a satellite phone so I could phone in Postmates and Uber Eats deliveries to be parachuted to me on the island. Last but not least, a big supply of notebooks and pens so I can use the time to write all of the many books and plays I’ve yet to write but haven’t found the time for.


📚 Which books would I recommend to others?

The ones I have written myself, obviously, so I can mop up the royalties and praise! These include my own memoir, Confessions of a Hollywood Insider, where I share stories of meeting the 100 biggest stars in the world. And a couple of co-written books about World War II, D-Day: A Millennials Guide and the recent release Avenger Field, the little known story of America’s brave and brilliant female pilots. I’m still proudest of my first book, Mickey Rourke: Wrestling with Demons, the biography of my favorite film actor.


🎰 One of the most wonderful places I have been… I’m endlessly fascinated by Las Vegas—the spectacle, the scandal and the showbiz of this desert paradise. Perhaps because my dad ran casinos while I was growing up, I feel at home amid all the poker tables and slot machines. I don’t ever gamble, because I learned early that the house always wins—but there’s so much else to do. The best shows I’ve ever seen have been performed here and by the biggest stars. And so many unique and amazing shops: Tucked away at the Venetian is Bauman Rare Books, which sells first editions of classic novels, and just steps away is Field of Dreams, the ultimate sports and celebrity gift shop. I’ve been countless times and will go countless more—Viva Las Vegas!

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