Eight Effective Ingredients for Your Five-Minute Manifestation

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The phrase, “What you focus on expands,” comes from the concept of the Law of Attraction (manifestation), a scientific law from quantum physics that makes up the Universe. All of us are manifesting all the time, consciously or subconsciously. The result depends on how often we focus on our desire or goal and whether or not we believe what we focus on is a possibility. A singular thought by itself doesn’t carry much influence, but a thought that is now a belief certainly can. Your beliefs become manifestations of heavier power through actions. Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, for example, proved their scientific theories (ie: thoughts) by taking action and being open to the belief that what they were focusing on were possibilities.

You may not work in theoretical or experimental science. However, you can still prove your theories about what you want to experience. What if I told you that you can manifest anything you desire by taking what I call “ManiFASTing action,” a five-minute daily technique of setting energetic intentions in motion within the Universe?

Five minutes per day doesn’t sound like much. However, the compound effect of taking ManiFASTing action speeds up the process of experiencing anything you desire in your life. I will give you an example of what I do to manifest everything I’ve wanted into my life.

How to Approach Manifestation

Before I share an example of what I do each day for five minutes, approach the Law of Attraction as a game. Manifesting should be fun and creative. The Universe responds to vibrational energy, not words in a dictionary. It responds to your vibrational energy. If you emphasize seriousness in what you manifest, you’ll create a vibration of that same seriousness. The Universe will then reflect people and situations to provide these types of thoughts and feelings within you. Therefore, approach manifestation as a pastime, a board game, something fun and light-hearted, without getting too attached to the outcome. The first time I manifested something significant in my life, my mouth fell open, my eyes grew wide, and then I laughed. I realized I manifested it because I didn’t feel too concerned about whether or not it happened.

The Eight Effective Ingredients for Your Manifestation

Your brain doesn’t know what is real and what isn’t. Furthermore, your mind acts as your sight, not your eyes. In other words, your mind is the projector, and your eyes are the projection screens. What you focus on expands because, anatomically speaking, your brain is your sight. 

Begin your five-minute manifestation by taking a pen and journal or using your laptop. You can mix it up daily by alternating between them. Write or type out what you want to experience and mesh it with what you have already experienced within your physical realm. Reflect with gratitude, excitement, peace, and anything that emotes positive vibrational energy within you.  Use the present tense or the past tense with what I call “writing into reality.” For example, I mesh what I manifested with what I am currently manifesting.

When performing the five-minute manifestation method each day, include these eight ingredients to this effective manifesting formula in any order that you choose:

  • What are you thankful for in your life presently?
  • What have you experienced in the past that you’re grateful for?
  • Why do you have these good thoughts and feelings around them (why are your feelings vital to you)?
  • What do you wish to experience in your life?
  • How do you wish to feel when experiencing it (similar to your feelings for what you have already experienced)?
  • What can you do by taking physical action to help you feel the emotions you want to experience around your desired manifestation?
  • Why are you releasing the need to control the outcome of “how” and “when” your desire will happen?
  • Why are you choosing to believe it’s for your greater happiness? 
My Manifestation Method Example

Here is a manifestation example I write into reality:

I am a master at manifesting anything and everything I want to experience. I easily and quickly manifest because I believe and trust the process of manifesting what I desire by releasing the need to control the outcome. I surrender to the “how” and “when” of my desires, and it instantly manifests every time I release the need to control. I am grateful for releasing fifty-five pounds from my body this past year. I feel healthier, look healthier, sleep better, have more energy, and love how my physique responds to my self-care routines. I’m incredibly thankful for now wearing four sizes smaller clothes than what I was wearing before. I don’t feel like I have to hide my body anymore, and shopping for smaller clothes is fun because I feel more confident. Sometimes during the day, when I’m sitting in my chair working, I love to wrap my arms around myself because I can physically do this now. And sitting cross-legged is no longer a problem for me. I feel so thankful for my health and my lighter mass.

Thank you so much (insert any higher being you use in your faith) for helping me to manifest my new yoga physique. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I surrender to the “how” and “when” and trust the process of manifesting this into my physical realm. I trust (your preferred faith in a higher being) is helping me to manifest this and more. I am open to receiving this and everything good for my soul’s highest happiness. I will take action to move towards my manifestations through your help with the process. I surrender and release all control because I know that either this or something much better will come to me, for me and my highest good.

Why This Manifestation Method Works Every Time

The above paragraphs show how I approach setting my manifesting intentions daily for five minutes. Writing into reality is a great way to visualize what you desire to experience and take ManiFASTing action because you are writing it into existence. Sometimes I draw visualizations in my journal to help me influence the possibilities of my desired outcomes. When I blend what I already manifested with what I’d like to experience, it’s harder for my mind to decipher what is “real” versus what is “not real” as a possibility. Choosing your words sets the tone for your feelings and beliefs of possible outcomes. I decided to say, “releasing fifty-five pounds from my body,” rather than stating, “losing fifty-five pounds,” because the word “losing” has a negative connotation to it. The term “releasing” sounds a bit more pleasing and effortless and has a positive spin. Same as when I used the phrase, “I feel so thankful for my health and lighter mass.” 

I purposely don’t use words that create pressure or emotional expectations within my mindset because what I focus on expands. Of course, it’s not a singular thought that manifests. It’s the compound effect of the same or similar ideas that turn into beliefs, which can turn into manifestations. The phrase, “you are what you eat,” applies to “you are what you think” and even to “you are what you believe.” Your reality is your perception. Writing it down or typing it out helps you clarify what you choose to focus on and how you respond to possible outcomes. It’s ManiFASTing—manifesting faster—through the five minutes of the daily compound effect that shifts your mindset, which changes the reality you experience.

For the above example of how I ManiFAST, having released fifty-five pounds from my body, I am manifesting buying clothes that are four sizes smaller and having a “yoga” physique. Currently, my clothing size is two sizes smaller, and I don’t have the “yoga” physique yet. I’m getting there, and I don’t care when it happens. It’s a possibility for me, and I accept it as an outcome. I release being too attached to it because I don’t want to obsess over it. I will continue taking actions that benefit my overall mental health because my body responds to my sight, which is my mindset.

If this can work for an over-thinker like me who has daily anxiety, I know it can also work for you. Thank you, Universe!

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