Alan Greenberg

Advisory Board Chairman, Unlearn/Relearn

Aug 1, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Alan Greenberg is Chairman of the Advisory Board of Unlearn/Relearn – a company that redefines the transition from education to work. They organise events to introduce employers to potential employees and educational institutions. With an innovative approach using VR technology and improving critical thinking, they aim to re-image current reality and bring governments, institutions and corporations together. In this in-depth conversation, Alan explains why the cosmopolitan environment of the Middle East is a perfect location for his business due to the existing need to stabilise the transition from education to employment, tackling challenges such as mindset or mental health; shares his view on the positives of Web 3.0 based on decentralisation, blockchain technology and digital identity, which is revolutionary for education or Health Tech systems, as well as provides privacy and security; and describes the concept of “Education Radio”, an individual channel dedicated only to education, which facilitates challenges of individual learning.