Alexej Pikovsky

Co-founder & CEO, Alphagreen Group

Nov 5, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Alexej Pikovsky is co-founder and chief executive of Alphagreen Group. Founded in 2019, the company has become the leading e-commerce platform for wellness and consumer health.

Their mission is to build, buy and scale brands in the holistic wellness space. Prior to this, Alexej spent several years in venture capital and at a multi-billion-pound private equity fund.

In this in-depth conversation, he reflects on his career journey so far, from trading equities at 16 to how he moved into the holistic wellness industry; discusses building a marketplace for holistic health and why he decided to broaden this to also launching own brands and acquiring Amazon brands in the health and wellness category; and shares his plans for expanding the company over the next few years, “continuing to grow a global incubation and acquisition platform in health & wellness”

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