Andrew Powell

Group CEO, route2work

Apr 24, 2020

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Andrew Powell is Group CEO of route2work. After 11 years in the British Army, including a stint in Special Forces, he worked in consulting and business operations, before moving full-time into coaching and mentoring.

He was a director of The Training Room for six years before founding route2work, a digital education, qualification and careers provider with an emphasis on social impact.

Andrew also lends his experience and perspective to the Bank of England’s Decision Maker Panel. In this in-depth conversation, he talks about translating the drive and discipline he learned in the Army to a business environment, explains how he’s worked to create an entire “digital ecosystem” in which route2work can match people’s talents and training with career opportunities, and emphasises how important he’s found it to create “down time” in a busy leadership role to be with his family and away from the demands of email and phone calls.

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