Andy Vesey

Clean energy entrepreneur

Mar 10, 2021

New Thinking podcast

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Andy Vesey is an award-winning energy executive, entrepreneur and investor, with a lifetime of experience in the energy industry. Andy’s career has included a string of some of the toughest jobs in the industry with intense scrutiny from stakeholders and the media – including leading Australia’s largest energy business AGL, for which he was awarded ‘CEO of the Year’ by Platts Global Energy Awards in 2017, and a stint at Pacific Gas and Electric.

In this in-depth conversation, Andy shares how the offer of an extra $500 for his first job set him on the path to the energy industry he is a part of today; discusses the battle he fought in Australia to abolish AGL’s use of coal-fired power stations in order to reduce their carbon footprint; and shares his sense of mission for the urgency to avoid climate change, while playing his part to lead the industry but encouraging individuals to take responsibility.

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