Annastasia Seebohm

Global CEO, Quintessentially

Mar 6, 2019

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Annastasia Seebohm is global CEO of Quintessentially. The luxury concierge brand is a members-only service with an annual turnover of $100 million.

Joining the company as business development director, she was appointed US chief executive two years later, tripling revenues within her first year. Promoted to her current role in 2018, Annastasia is responsible for more than 1,000 staff across 65 offices worldwide.

In this in-depth conversation, she explains how “lifestyle managers” enable time-poor entrepreneurs and the wealthy to gain access to some of the world’s most unique places and experiences, discusses how she creates a collaborative and creative work culture using the “power of vulnerability”, and reflects on how a ‘two-way street’ attitude to mentorship benefits the mentor as well as the mentee.

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