Ayesha Vardag

Founder & President, Vardags

Aug 20, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Ayesha Vardag is the founder and president of Vardags — a UK and international law firm. She is frequently referred to as the ‘UK’s top divorce and family lawyer.’ Founded in 2005, they work exclusively for high-net-worth individuals and families, international royalty and private corporations from around the world.

Ayesha specialises in divorce and has been involved in some of the highest profile cases in her sector including winning the landmark Supreme Court case of Radmacher v Granatino in 2010, and changing the law to make prenuptial agreements legally enforceable in England and Wales.

She is widely celebrated as one of the most progressive, insightful and intuitive experts and talents her sector has ever seen. In this in-depth conversation, Ayesha talks through her career journey so far, from starting out in commercial and financial law to being hired by her own divorce lawyer and starting up her own law firm; discusses the relationship trends she has noted throughout her career including the influence of social media and the more recent impact that lockdown has had; and shares her future ambitions including the goal to produce literature that “has an impact in the world” by pulling together her own experiences.

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