Barak Ronen

Co-founder & CEO, Crux Knowledge

Dec 24, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Barak Ronen is the co-founder and chief executive of CRUX Knowledge. Founded in 2018, CRUX is the world’s first knowledge quantification platform. It helps users overcome information overload, by providing them direction and feedback as they navigate digital information environments.

CRUX’s work has been supported by Google’s digital news initiative and featured on multiple digital platforms. Barak is a former journalist who held senior positions at smart cloud platform Boxever, news agency Reuters, and Dow Jones.

In this in-depth conversation, Barak reflects on his career so far, starting out at radio, then moving to become chief news editor for Israel’s leading news portal – gaining his interest of the “mechanics of content and fundamentals of content creation” along the way; discusses founding CRUX Knowledge after noticing knowledge is always quantitative; and shares how the “knowledge GPS” they provide can have a transformative impact on society by liberating people and allowing more interesting discussion.

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