Bram Van Der Hoek

CEO, Sircle Collection

Apr 21, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Bram Van Der Hoek is the chief executive of Sircle Collection. Founded in 2011 by award-winning industry expert Liran Wizman, the company has grown to be a collection of creative hospitality brands and properties across Europe’s most inspiring neighbourhoods. With a passion for producing exciting experiences for guests, they currently have three hotel brands across 13 locations, four restaurants, one design concept store, three landmark properties and a private members’ club. Bram is responsible for the collection’s overall global strategy and maintaining the group’s unique values and company culture. In this in-depth conversation, Bram reflects on starting out in his career journey and how the Sircle Collection began in Amsterdam; discusses how Covid impacted the company and the opportunities to grow that have come since; and shares their expansion plans and future goals to be more sustainable.

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