Carolyn Pearson

CEO, Maiden Voyage & Innovent Digital

Mar 31, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Carolyn Pearson is chief executive of Maiden Voyage and director of Innovent Digital. Maiden Voyage is a leading travel security company through which Carolyn and her team provide inclusive travel security training to some of the world’s biggest organisations, helping employees to travel the world safely whatever their personal characteristics and profiles. Carolyn launched another business, Innovent Digital, in 2021, which provides digital strategy and transformation consultancy services, helping organisations to revolutionise their digital customer experience. In this in-depth conversation, Carolyn recalls her own travelling experiences and how this led her to work in travel security; discusses Maiden Voyage and how they empower and protect travellers; and delves into launching Innovent Digital and the current projects they’re working on. 

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