Chris Peel

CEO, route2work Group

Oct 1, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Chris Peel is Chief Executive of the route2work Group, a careers development business that focuses on getting undiscovered talent into high demand career pathways.

Prior to this, Chris was Managing Director of Interserve Learning and Employment, and before that, he led the venture Rehab Jobfit, which specialised in helping over 20,000 people return to the workplace.

In this in-depth conversation, Chris reflects on his own career, following his passion to make a positive social and economic impact through improving access to education and employment opportunities; discusses route2work and its ability to discover “hidden talent” to combat the digital skills shortage, as well as driving diversity and inclusion through its disruptive approach to talent assessment; and shares why he believes the world will learn and thrive after the devastation of the pandemic.

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