Clive Jacobs

Chairman and Owner, Jacobs Media Group

Sep 25, 2018

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Clive Jacobs is the co-founder of Holiday Autos, the first leisure car rental broker in Europe, which he sold in 2003 to for £43 million.

He is the owner of Jacobs Media Group, a multifaceted media and events business which includes Travel Weekly, The Caterer, Aspire and Travolution.

Clive mentors young entrepreneurs and runs the British Travel and Hospitality Hall of Fame Awards, where he was the youngest inductee. In 2018, he became co-owner of Tully Luxury Travel in Canada, offering bespoke experiences for affluent travellers.

In this in-depth interview, Clive shares how a difficult childhood pushed him to strive for success, and explains the importance of retaining a thick skin after he was misrepresented in a BBC documentary which portrayed him as a ‘real life David Brent’.

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