Daniel Astaire

Managing Partner, Grosvenor Law

Jun 21, 2020

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Image of Daniel Astaire

Daniel Astaire is managing partner at Grosvenor Law. Having practised for over 20 years, he’s worked for a number of blue-chip law firms including Bird and Bird and Clintons before helping to found Grosvenor Law in 2011.

Based in Mayfair, the firm specialises in personal and business dispute resolution and works with high-profile individuals and corporations from a range of backgrounds.

In a recent case, Daniel represented defendants in claims for fraud and conspiracy to defraud by a former business partner seeking damages in excess of £100 million.

In this in-depth conversation, he reveals how the business was built to “speak the language” and understand the needs of affluent clients in the West End of London, he describes the “blood sweat and tears” involved in protecting the legacy of self-made entrepreneurs,  and shares his advice to aspiring lawyers on how to “master your own destiny” by finding an area of law which complements your personality.

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