Danny Gray

Founder & CEO, JAAQ

Feb 18, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Danny Gray is the founder and chief executive of JAAQ. Founded in 2021, the non-profit organisation allows people to access mental health experts through the power of conversation. Their mission is to focus on a variety of mental health topics, starting with depression, psychosis and body dysmorphic disorder, and to “change the world of mental health, one question at a time.” In 2018, Danny also founded War Paint For Men, a cosmetics brand designed specifically for a male audience to break down the stereotype around men’s makeup. In this in-depth conversation, Danny reflects on how his own struggles with body dysmorphic disorder inspired him to start his business journey and help others by sharing his story; delves into JAAQ, an interactive platform which allows open conversations about mental health, and his plans to branch out in the future; and shares the upcoming launch of a skincare range this year, and expanding to stock his makeup products in more retailers.

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