Dave Capper

Chief Executive Officer, Westfield Health

Aug 13, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Image of David Capper

Dave Capper is chief executive of Westfield Health. Founded in 1919, the company currently helps over 9,000 companies across the UK and Europe transform the mental and physical health of their workforce. Building on its ‘not-for-profit’ legacy, they have donated over £15 million in the last 20 years to regional and national causes. In this in-depth conversion, Dave reflects on his career pivot – from starting out playing professionally at Sheffield United FC, where he learnt the significance of mental resilience and focus to success; delves into how Westfield Health uses evidence-based programmes to support businesses, particularly focussing on the impact working from home is having on people’s wellbeing; and shares why he believes “culture” is the most important factor to create good workplace conditions, including the need for communication, trust and transparency.

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