David Abrahamovitch

Founder & CEO, Grind

Nov 2, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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David Abrahamovitch is the founder & CEO of Grind – the leading sustainable coffee company founded in Shoreditch, which has expanded to ten central London locations since 2011 – and now also has a partnership with Soho House, Los Angeles.

He shares the reality of starting his own business at 25 and discusses the biggest challenges he faced setting up a brand that needed to compete with the market leaders. With a clear vision of what it should look like, David describes the business’ growth over the past ten years, highlighting the changes they have gone through, like targeted audience or positioning, as well as the exciting parts of being an entrepreneur. As a premium brand among already popular chains, David praises Grind for “having the right ethos” of being sustainable, sourcing the grains ethically or using home compostable pods, and explains these practices are a requirement at a time of climate crisis.

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