David Kidder

Co-founder & CEO, Bionic

May 7, 2020

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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David S. Kidder is chief executive and co-founder of Bionic, an enterprise innovation platform.

A graduate in industrial design, he made his name as an entrepreneur and angel investor, co-founding Clickable, an online advertising software service, and SmartRay Network, a pioneering mobile advertising business.

He is the author of ‘New to Big’, ‘The Startup Playbook’ and ‘The Intellectual Devotional’.

In this in-depth interview, he talks about how his writing gives entrepreneurs digestible daily readings to encourage curiosity and help their business brains, argues that when projects are in their growth stage they often have to satisfy customers who don’t yet know what they want, and discusses the way in which business failure has been transformed from the great taboo to an incredibly valuable learning opportunity for entrepreneurs.

[Editor’s note: this podcast was recorded in New York on 10th March 2020, before the full scale of the coronavirus public health crisis became apparent.]

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