Dr. Charlie Easmon

Founder, Your Excellent Heath Service

Jun 16, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Dr. Charlie Easmon is a medical director and founder of Global Health Action Strategies & Solutions. They aim to provide a 2nd opinion on global disasters, analysing and reviewing the commercial, media, political, environmental, and inter-agency challenges, allowing efficient proposal creation, saving time, money, and most importantly – lives. Charlie has also built his own private medical business, Your Excellent Health Service, which serves over 12% of the FT100 amongst their many other clients. In this in-depth conversation, Charlie delves into his career journey, from deciding he wanted to be a doctor at the age of 5 to the realities of the job; discusses the importance of paying attention to not just physical health but also mental and spiritual health and why positive projection is so vital within the role of a doctor; and shares his ambitions to set up a global health agency – with an aim to tackle poverty and poor quality of life worldwide.

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