Eddie LeVian

Entrepreneur & world-renowned jeweller

Mar 12, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Image of Eddie LeVian

Eddie LeVian is chief executive of Le Vian, the family-owned jewellery business. The LeVian’s gained their reputation in 1746 after safeguarding a collection of jewels for emperor Nadir Shah.

In 1950, the business relocated to the US and has designed jewellery worn by Hollywood royalty, starting as sales executive in 1979, Eddie has worked his way up the family business to now chief executive since 2000.

In this in-depth discussion, Eddie takes us to the beginning of the pivotable point in history that started the family business and explains what inspires him about jewellery and the importance of continuing the family legacy; he explores his personal journey into the company, from going to mines as a child to understanding what consumers want and, with his siblings, being the next generation in the world of jewellery; and finally explaining what’s to come for the business, including the importance to stay genuine and authentic within a world of man made diamonds, whilst competing for the ever shrinking amounts of diamonds across the world.