Euan Rellie

Co-founder & Senior Managing Director, BDA

Sep 18, 2020

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Image of Euan Rellie

Euan Rellie is co-founder and senior managing director of BDA Partners, a global investment banking advisor for Asia. Launched in 1996, he has grown the business to a team of 120 across nine offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

Prior to this, Euan held a senior role at Schroders, the UK investment bank. He has been named ‘Dealmaker of the Year’ twice, and recognised as one of the Top 50 Global Dealmakers by M&A Advisor.

In this in-depth conversation, he discusses the detrimental impact of current Chinese-US tensions on business globally; describes the unexpected influence of politics on business following international uncertainty such as Brexit and the Trump era, and explains why regardless of current turmoil, he remains optimistic for millennials and the future of business.