Heath Goldman

CEO, Icon Wealth & Legacy Partners

Nov 6, 2020

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Heath Goldman is President and CEO of ICON Wealth and Legacy Partners. They specialise in customising financial plans, focusing on estate, asset protection, wealth transfer and tax mitigation strategies for business owners and real estate entrepreneurs. His career in the financial planning sector began at Sagemark Consulting, before he moved to Pacific Advisors as their financial specialist and then gained the position of principal at Montecito Associates. In this in-depth interview, Heath explains how he learned to work with affluent business owners and wealthy families, and how his “clients don’t plan to fail, they often failed to plan before working with Heath. Heath will be discussing his strategy when dealing with difficult family dynamics and the importance of coordination, communication and collaboration in the financial sphere; and describes how the economic impact of Covid-19 is set to be “exceptionally painful” and isn’t going away.

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