Jane Velez-Mitchell

Founder & Content Editor, UnChainedTV

Oct 11, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Jane Velez-Mitchell is the founder and content editor of UnChainedTV – a free streaming tv network covering vegan lifestyle, animal rights, plant-based cooking, health, and climate change.

Jane talks about how veganism is rooted in her childhood and touches upon the harm caused by Western governments supporting the meat and dairy industries nowadays. By criticizing mainstream media for propagating unsustainable lifestyles and deliberately making people sick, Jane presents her station’s program, which highlights the benefits of an animal cruelty-free life. However, she mentions the challenges of being a non-commercial provider – recalling how creating their own streaming app, where they could offer the content for free, helped with dropping audiences on other streaming platforms. In response to the all-embracing brainwashing through commercials, Jane comments on how these are causing people to become addicted to meat – a major reason for the current global environmental crisis – the industrialisation of animals.

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