Jason Rogers

VP Corporate Development, Partnerships & Strategy Engine Gaming & Media

Jan 21, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Jason Rogers is Vice President of Corporate Development, Partnerships and Strategy at Engine Gaming & Media, which provides premium social sports and e-sports gaming experiences, as well as data analytics, marketing, and advertising solutions to both it to support both its owned and operated direct-to-consumer properties and its clients and partners. Prior to joining Engine in 2020, Jason held positions at American Express as well as Disney Streaming Service, Live Like and TriBeCa Early Stage Partners while earning his MBA at Columbia Business School. In this in-depth conversation, Jason reflects on starting out in his career, with his passions about consumer technology and emerging media motivating him; discusses Engine with a focus on social interaction within gaming and media – “connecting people to engage in these experiences;” and reflects on why collaboration has proved vital throughout his career.

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